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I'm making games and sounds.

Saying Goodbye to Wordpress

After two years of hosting my blog on Wordpress, I decided its time to say my goodbyes and roll out my own website.

Wordpress was a neat service when I first started out, but times have changed, and I do not feel like paying for the service that intends to sell out my content for generative AI companies. It also sucked in some areas, and nothing beats writing your own HTML in terms of flexibility.

So I did just that. Now, its a fully static website using Eleventy, Nunjucks and UIKit for CSS, with some macros and shortcodes to make my life easier.

I absolutely love using Markdown in my day-to-day life, and being able to write virtually anywhere without downloading any third-party apps or editors is a huge perk for my productivity. In addition, I'm much speedier in VSCode than Wordpress' editor.

The entire thing took me about 10 hours in total to assemble, and so far, I'm proud how it turned out. Only downside is that I had to manually rewrite all of my posts, but luckily there weren't many and the process wasn't as painful as I imagined it to be.


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